five easy tricks for longboarding

today we’re going over five easy tricks for you to do on your longboard

we’re starting now

what’s going on guys

a few months ago I have a post about five easy longboard tricks for the beginner and you guys seem to really like that

so, today I have five more easy beginner flip tricks for you guys to do on your longboard

so you have a longboard and naturally, just because of the shape of this board you’re not going to be doing the same tricks and you normally do on a skateboard but there are a few fun easy flip tricks you can do

the first easy flip trick

I’m going to show you is the boneless finger flip

to do this trick you’re going to need to know how to do a boneless obviously

and I actually made a trick tip for that trick right here

somewhere you can click on that one in the middle of your boneless

what you’re going to want to do is use a hand that grabs the board and use it to rotate the board to get it to flip before landing on it

it’s important that when you’re trying out this trick you want to get the flip-down perfectly

you don’t want to over flip

if you don’t want to under flip you got to get it down just right

the next trick is the no comply finger flip

this is pretty similar to the boneless finger flip but instead of doing a full grab

when popping up the board you’re going to pop the board up on its own and then you’re going to flip it

you can either grab the board from the nose and flip it with your front hand or you can just kind of smack the board in the middle to make it flip

just make sure to get it as smooth as possible

I don’t want to see you guys taking multiple sets doing this trick

it’s just one set once that for the no comply that’s it


next trick is the ghost ride kickflip

this is probably the easiest of the tricks

all you’re really going to be doing is quickly stepping off the board and then using your back foot to flip the boards before jumping back on it

make sure to go at it with full commitment and practice doing the trick on grass or carpet to get to flip down

this is really easy it’s a really fun trick and it’s definitely tricky that you should be trying out right now

this next trick is probably the hardest of all of the beginner flip tricks today

this is the old-school kickflip

if you want to check it out it’s going to be here

I should probably learn where these cards are going to pop up but whatever pops up that’s where you got to click to watch for this trick

you’re essentially hooking your back foot under neath the board and then jumping up

because of where your foot is when you jump up the board’s going to do a flip

I’ve seen people do these with a 180 body varial but when I do them I prefer to land back to regular do

whatever is more comfortable for you just remember that foot positioning is crucial when it comes to this straight


next trick is probably the hardest trick of all time

it’s called the pick of your board and does

whatever you want flip literally just pick up your board throw it, around spin it, around slap it, do whatever you want and just flip it have fun with it

I like to learn tricks on both my skateboard and longboard but to me,

I just get to have fun as corny as it is to say remember is that having fun on your board is what it’s all about